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  • Photography has been the mechanism that enables me to experience something new. It is the conduit that connected me to both a person or an environment. That's why I love it and as long as that continues I'll make photographs.
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  • A few experiences sparked my love of photography to become a lifelong vocation. I was in a small town in southwest England at dinner with Arthur. The evening was filled with wine and passionate conversations discussing Edward Weston's portraits. Earlier that day, we spent taking photos of the dunes, and enjoying an English spring day by the sea.
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  • Hitching hiking across the United States.
  • With bearly having any money, a 9mm handgun with a clip that kept falling out, and 35mm Canon and I was en route to California. Conversations often broke out during the rides where I listened to the drivers' stories. Occasionally we stopped to make portraits, and in one instance, to avoid being abducted in the Nevada desert, I pulled a fake handgun that wouldn't shoot. The scare tactic worked I kept my camera!
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  • In the 48th street apartment, dancing and kissing with Melissa.
  • After that kiss I flew to London do her portrait next her piano. 20 years later it is still one of my favorite portraits and hangs on my wall.
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  • Those are the sparks which lead to the last twenty-four years of traveling and shooting. In that time, I've developed a few clever solutions to maintain a small production footprint. I've gathered a team of experienced producers, stylists, and a talented crew to help deliver beautiful work, thoughtful production, and a good time.
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  • We are enthusiastic problem solvers, travelers, collaborators, and owners of fantastic luggage!
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  • Email: Pocket: 917.714.0413

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