Up In The Air & A Big Dark Extended Goatee

"To hang out the side of a helicopter & take photos."


To hang out the side of a helicopter & take photos has to be one the most fun experiences I've had while on an assignment. While on assignment in Sedona we ran into an old pilot I had worked with in Hawaii.


Floyd who originally rocked a Big Dark Extended Goatee, dressed in an all black flight suit effortlessly cruised through Kauai's lush valley all the while telling me stories of missions flown. I was half praying & half trying not to spin my polarizer off the lens and out the door while. We found each other gearing up for round two in Arizona. During the preflight brief I look over at my client said this is going to be fun, just hold on because he can fly... And fun it was!


Floyd Prepping for the flight and the photo crew the reflection, Hawaii!


Brian Loving it over Rio and me walking to the Helicopter!